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A complex of houses has four different variants inside. We lived there for one season and a part of other season — in two different houses, and some of our friends also rented studios here, so we know really well about these houses.

Separated, one-floor house with two bedrooms

Price: 2200 EGP/month

A separated house has a living room, which is connected to the kitchen:

Гостиная. Аренда дома в Дахабе

One of the bedrooms that I used as my office:

Спальня-кабинет. Аренда дома в ДахабеA second bedroom:

Спальня. Аренда дома в Дахабе

Air-conditioning is in the living room and one of the bedrooms. Linens, dishes and towels — available. Washing machine — in the courtyard. The house has an extra bonus — the roof, which is quite comfortable to sunbathe and relax:

Как снять хорошую квартиру в Дахабе

Two studio apartments in one house

Price first floor: 1700 EGP/month

Price second floor: 1800 EGP/month

The house itself looks like this:

Аренда квартиры-студии в Дахабе

In the photo — studio apartment on the first floor, the second — almost the same, only with a blue interior:

Снять квартиру-студию в Дахабе

Снять квартиру-студию в Дахабе

Снять квартиру-студию в Дахабе

Both apartments have air conditioning, bathroom (shower) and toilet, bed linen, towels, dishes — everything you need for life. Washing machine in the yard.

Two bedrooms apartment on the second floor

Price: 3000 EGP/month

It’s located above the part of the house, in which live the owners themselves. However, it has a separate entrance, nobody does not hinder anybody and does not intersect.

This is the largest and perhaps the most bright apartment in the complex. The kitchen-living room is truly enormous:Аренда дома в Дахабе

Аренда квартиры в Дахабе


This is kitchen part:

Аренда квартиры в Дахабе

Аренда квартиры в Дахабе

Two bedrooms, one of which I have equipped as the office, but if you want it is possible to put a second bed; in one of the bedrooms there’s air-conditioned, in other areas — fans:

Аренда квартиры в Дахабе


A bonus is the private roof the size of a whole apartment, there is a part where you can sunbathe, and a portion where the shade is organized and dispose of it can be different — turn on your imagination:


Аренда квартиры в Дахабе

The apartment has everything you need — dishes, towels, linens, private washing machine, bathroom with shower.

In addition to the roof also has two balconies, one — out of the living room, on the other — from the bedroom:


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