Rent apartment at the sea in Alania (Avsallar, Turkey)

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Rent apartment at the sea in Alania (Avsallar, Turkey)


Those who wish to spend vacation by the sea in Alania district, usually come to it’s closest areas — Mahmultar, Kestel, or, for example, Konakli, or Avsallar — we will talk about this one in details. Vacations in Alanya is usually means settling somewhere outside of the city, because Alanya itself is quite noisy, and it has not only hotels, but night clubs as well, and by the day business life is running around.

If you came to spend city-life time, which includes parties, shopping, bars and restaurants, so maybe it’s a good choice for you to stay in the centre of Alanya.

But usually, those who want to rent an apartment in Alanya, are planning not only some entertainment time spending, but also some relaxing time with their families, for example, having beside them everything that life in a big city can bring but also being close to the nature.

Settling in some close to Alanya areas can offer to you this level of comfortable life, and you will be staying far from city’s noice, close to the sea, forests, and you will find all necessary shops with food, cozy restaurants and really nice market with fruits, and quite good market for cloth, shoes, bags and other nice stuff.

So, here we are. We are renting out our apartment in Turkey, Alanya, city Avsallar. Alanya is just 20 km far from Avsallar and if you need to reach it, it can be done easily.

An apartment is located in a complex of four houses, and it stays not really close to other buildings. Complex itself is not overcrowded, most of people come there for vacations only. The territory around the complex is quite big, green and comfortable, also the complex is located on the hill, surrounded by big amount of space.


Аренда квартиры в Турции (Алания, Авсаллар), комплекс Crown City

At the picture below you can see the house in which is our apartment located. It’s a little far from other buildings, so you will get less curious people around and other noises.

Снять благоустроенную квартиру в аренду в Турции (комплекс Кроун Сити, г. Авсаллар)

The area is fenced, there’s 24h security, parking, waterpool (indoor and outdoor),

Аренда квартиры в Турции (Алания, Авсаллар), комплекс Crown City

Аренда квартиры в Турции (Алания, Авсаллар), комплекс Crown City

several saunas (including a Turkish Bath), spa, gym, basketball, billiards, bowling,

Аренда квартиры в Турции (Алания, Авсаллар), комплекс Crown City

Аренда аппартаментов в Авсалларе (Турция)

tennis court, 2 playgrounds, a café, a shop, a variety of recreational areas in the territory. You will meet well-appointed lobby, the overall nice designed house:

Снять аппартаменты в Турции (комплекс Кроун Сити в Авсалларе)

Снять жилье в Турции (комплекс Кроун Сити в Авсалларе)

The apartment has a spacious kitchen-living room 23m: kitchen, stove (no oven), refrigerator, utensils, kettle, table, chairs, sofa, air-conditioning;

Кухня-гостиная. Аренда жилья в Турции (г.Авсаллар)

Кухня-гостиная. Аренда квартиры 1+1 в Турции (г.Авсаллар)

The bedroom is 12m: a bed, 2 bedsides tables, a wardrobe, air-conditioned;

Спальня в арендованной квартире в Авсалларе

Combined bathroom, washing machine, clothes dryer, also in the apartment there is a set of towels and linens,

Санузел. Аренда однокомнатной квартиры в Авсалларе (Турция)

A small hallway, a balcony 10m (both rooms have a balcony entrance with sea and mountains view). The house was just built and everything is new. Internet works steadily on the ground floor in the common areas and in the area around. Our apartment is not far from the lobby and reached by the internet, basically it worked online with no extra effort. If you do not come to work for days — this may be sufficient.

Аренда квартиры в Турции (Алания, Авсаллар), комплекс Crown City

Аренда квартиры в Турции (г.Авсаллар)

The apartment is located on the sixth floor, 800 meters far from the sea, a great beach with a nice entrance into the water, soft sand, no rocks. Prior to Avsallar center — 500 meters, there are shops, markets, restaurants, as I wrote, and even a city park with a fountain Забавное из путешествий

In Turkey is quite easy to rent a car, and around you — a lot of places you can go to see the different beauty and attractions, the nearest — old fortress in Alanya.

Also, many attractions located not far from Antalya and Kemer, which is quite within reach by car or with organized excursions, you can buy in the center of Avsallar. Beach service in Avsallar is also present, there are marine entertainment, boating, fly over water and much more.

If you want to rent an apartment in Alanya — or rather, if you liked our particular option, you can always contact us via the contact form (bottom of page) and ask clarifying questions to the owners personally. We ourselves — supporters of a wild vacation, however, our stay in Alanya discovered a lot of nice things about which we are willing to honestly tell you who want to stay in Alanya, in Avsallar for a long time, or spend a few weeks of vacation.


The cost of renting an apartment in Alanya (Avsallar, Turkey)

1 month — 450 euro

2 weeks — 300 euro

+ electricity, water, deposit, which is returned at the end of your stay, if you have returned all property in a good condition.

Contact the owners to rent apartment in Avsallar

Fill the form at the bottom or send e-mail to:

Your name (obligatory)

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Снять квартиру на море в Алании (г.Авсаллар, Турция)

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